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+ fire/overheat detection

+ smoke detection

+ system controllers

+ bleed air leak detection

+ actuators

+ thermistors

+ fire suppression systems

+ restraints


Most aerospace designs are unique and meet specific customer requirements. Meggitt has also developed a line of modular actuators, prepackaged to meet a variety of applications with the exchange of standard gearing components. This enables meeting short delivery requirements by stocking an inventory of commonly used parts.

Actuators are designed with AC, DC or Brushless DC motors, depending on customer requirements. Most applications include electromagnetic brakes and typical features may include overload clutches, manual drive, mechanical or electronic load limiters, position feedback, structural and/or functional redundancy, etc. Both rotary and linear actuators may be designed with self-energizing anti-back driving features, or with low efficiency gearing or screw components to resist back driving. Meggitt’s target market is in the fractional to 2 Horsepower range.

Actuators and actuation systems designed and qualified by Meggitt personnel and consulting staff include among others: the Boeing 777 Passenger Entry Door Flight Lock Actuator, the A400M Inertial Particle Separator (IPS) and Air Cooled Oil Cooler (ACOC) actuators, Lockheed Martin F-16 Single Seat Canopy Actuator, and a line of Miniature Actuators.

Our emergency passenger assist system (EPAS) uses an innovative bypass valve design, enabling flight attendants to open heavy passenger doors within the eight seconds required by regulators. Our dampers control velocity, slowing as the escape slide drops, allowing passengers to exit safely while preventing collision damage to the aircraft structure. Unlike most competitor products, our valve also controls speed of the door as it closes, protecting against wind gusts.


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