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Bleed air leak detection systems

Fast, robust system cuts maintenance time

Our bleed air leak detection system (BALD) is the most robust on the market. Manufactured using a proprietary process and chemistry, it allows extreme bending, crimping and denting without affecting performance.

Both sensors and controllers incorporate unique designs to improve detection accuracy to within 25mm.

On wing, when the sensor alarms the cockpit, crew can reconfigure a pneumatic bleed air system around the leak, maintaining cabin pressurization and ice protection until landing. On ground, mechanics can pinpoint the location of the duct failure swiftly, reducing maintenance costs.

• Reduced maintenance time: improved detection (to 25mm) enables crews to isolate leaks on wing. On ground, mechanics can find faults faster
• Enhanced reliability: unique manufacturing process permits extreme bending, crimping and denting without shorting, reducing the number of costly false alarms

How it works
Fitted with coaxial or lugged connectors, the detector wire is brazed to an Inconel 625 high-temperature, corrosion-resistant sheath. The interior core design is surrounded by an ionic compound that changes state when heated to its alarm point, alerting crew and logging position with pinpoint accuracy for maintenance engineers once the aircraft has landed.

Engineering excellence
• Leaks can be isolated along a specific loop so more of the system remains active in the event of bleed air leakage
• Unique sensor design improves stability over a wide temperature range
• Suitable for composite aircraft: sensitive from 176° (80°C) to 950°F (510°C)


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