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Pneumatic fire and overheat detectors

Highly reliable, totally fogettable

Meggitt produces the most widely used pneumatic fire detector in the world.

It is designed specifically for environments experiencing extreme temperature and vibration such as engines, main landing gear and auxiliary power units (APUs). Thanks to our pioneering design, our pneumatic detectors are highly immune to false alarms and require no scheduled maintenance.

When you consider the enormous costs of emergency landings, extra airport fees, late deliver penalties and dumped fuel incurred when a large commercial jet turns back on a false fire alarm, it’s no surprise that the majority of western commercial aircraft opt for the most reliable pneumatic system on the market.

• Market-defining reliability: instantaneous failure detection; detector exceeds MTBF of 500,000 hours
• Virtual elimination of costly false alarms due to hot spots or sensor damage: never missed a true fire warning in over 500 million operating hours on commercial jet transports
• Extra reliability: withstands extremes of temperatures and vibration found on today’s highly fuel efficient aircraft
• Fully scalable: tried and tested on platforms of all sizes from small personal aircraft to the largest passenger jets: first choice for new and retrofit programs

How it works
The pneumatic detector has two sensing functions. When a rise in average temperature across the whole overheat sensor raises the pressure of the helium gas contained within the detector, an alarm is triggered. This design eliminates the risk of false alarm from individual hotspots.
The detector also uses hydrogen to trigger an alarm when pressure increases due to highly localized heat caused by flame or hot gases.
Protection against internal faults is provided by an additional switch, held closed by the helium gas pressure. In the case of a leak, loss of gas pressure causes the integrity switch to open and signal a failure.

Engineering excellence
• Gas-operated dual switching design in the responding section of the detector
• Integrity switch detects failure instantaneously
• TSO-C11e and MIL-F-7872 certified

Airbus A320, A320 NEO, A330, A340, A350, A380, A400M, Boeing 737NG, 767; Embraer 170, 190


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