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Fire suppression systems

World-beating components, intelligently optimized

Meggitt offers a complete fire protection system using the best components in the world.

Our knowledge and experience is gained from 40 years of installing suppression systems on virtually every aircraft flying.

As a result, we are able to keep weight and size to a minimum, reducing the initial cost to OEMs and the operational cost to airlines.

Unique flow-metering capability
With aircraft range increasing over the last decade, we provide airframers with suppression systems they can rely on for longer diversions in the event of a cargo fire.

Our low-rate systems are fitted with a unique flow-metering design enabling slow and accurate release of the suppression agent. When fire occurs during flight, the system maintains the exact level of extinguishing agent in cargo compartments. Less accurate systems require more agent, increasing overall aircraft weight.

Pioneering environmentally-friendly suppression
As the industry moves away from Halon, we continue to pioneer new solutions. With large investments in our research team and facilities, we are exploring usage and delivery of new and more sustainable suppression agents designed for extremes of temperature and altitude.

• Reduced costs: superior components and system engineering reduce weight and space demands, resulting in lower OEM and operational costs
• Enhanced reliability: 40-year track record of in-house design and manufacture; complete suppression systems installed on virtually every aircraft flying
• Ultimate optimization: thanks to extensive certification experience of Halon and green agent systems, we can help you fine-tune performance, weight and envelope

How it works
Our fire protection systems are designed for immediate fire suppression and long-term sustained protection during flight diversions.

The high-rate, multi-shot extinguishing bottles put out fires (engine, APU and cargo) within seconds using directional valves and distribution tubing solutions for total flooding.

The low-rate bottles use a unique metering design that allows flow of the suppression agent, whether in gas or liquid state, to be metered across a wide range of temperatures.

Aircraft fire protection reliability and safety is improved by our patented temperature-compensated pressure switch which determines whether the fire extinguisher is fully charged, regardless of ambient temperature.

Bottles can be sized anywhere from 10 to 2,500 in3 (164 cm3 – 0.04m3 ) and can be made from steel or titanium, depending on weight requirements.

Engineering excellence
• Proprietary design: unique flow metering equipment measures over wider range of temperatures
• Industry-leading certification support
• Pioneering research into usage and delivery of environmentally-friendly suppression agents


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