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Optical smoke detectors

The best is getting better

Our dedicated R&D team has made significant advances on our longstanding designs, creating the most accurate smoke detector on the market.

New optical discrimination techniques and next-generation digital signal processing determines signatures in smoke and non-smoke particles more accurately than competitor products as recent program wins such as the KC-46 show.

To improve detection and reduce false alarms further, we are now researching high-speed, low-power gas detectors focusing on particulates.

• Fewer false alarms than competitor products
• Increased liability, reduced system weight: dynamic determination of alarm conditions allows for optimized system configurations and lower part counts so fewer sensors required
• Reduced program risk: only system to provide real-time data for pre-testing and testing on mock-ups
• Cost-effective electronics assembly and automated microprocessor calibration

How it works
Our optical detectors constantly analyze air in cargo compartments and avionics bays, discriminating between smoke and nuisance particles.

Detector threshold and overall system sensitivity can be adjusted to account for varying conditions during different aircraft operations, such as potentially higher levels of dust when on the ground or when cargo doors are open.

With unprecedented reliability and accuracy, the system gathers real-time intelligent data, and can optimize testing and improve installation design. When a true signal is detected, the system alerts the crew.

Engineering excellence
• Multi-sensing capability across a wide range of smoke concentration levels
• Unique chamber-less design
• Tier One system supplier for major OEMs
• Installed on SpaceX’s Dragon, the world’s first commercial spacecraft


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