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+ fire/overheat detection

+ smoke detection

+ system controllers

+ bleed air leak detection

+ actuators

+ thermistors

+ fire suppression systems

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Controller and software technology

Lowest risk, highest quality, cost-effective

For many years, we have worked with leading airframers at every stage of design, manufacture and maintenance, fine-tuning our controller hardware and software to customer requirements. With our state-of-the-art system architecture and some of the most advanced software development tools in the industry, we minimize risk in development programs.

Our optimized software development process uses SCADE to design and automatically generate code for DO-178B certified software, decreasing system development time and reducing risks associated with changing system requirements.

Development and testing processes are fully automated, reducing design and development cycles during test and certification flights and further increasing software quality.

• Reduced software risk: cutting-edge proprietary software tools optimize SCADE development and speed up documentation process
• Reduced development risk: we can adapt common hardware with aircraft-specific software for complete fire protection systems. Platforms include: 767-2C, KC 390, LJ85, G7000/8000
• Reduced maintenance time: federated and integrated modular avionics architectures pinpoint errors reducing on-the-ground repair time
• Regarded by aerospace industry as one of the leading providers of integrated aircraft safety sytems

How it works
During an aircraft’s flight, our controllers and software receive multiple signals from fire, smoke and overheat detectors and fire extinguishers located throughout the aircraft. They continuously monitor system health, rapidly alerting crew on detection of smoke or fire. Just as important, the system logs minor faults with pinpoint accuracy so they can be repaired quickly after landing.

Software excellence
• Designs can be scaled to fit individual applications: 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit microcontroller platforms with customized operating systems
• Reduced maintenance time: controller is on-board data loadable via an ARINC 615 or similar; no need to return to factory
• Reduced recurring and maintenance cost on Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) platforms: our software can be developed and co-hosted on a single LRU. We use Application Program Interfaces (APIs) of the ARINC 653 Operating System to communicate with system interfaces

Hardware excellence
• Faster, more accurate development times: DOORS expertise streamlines change management and improves overall quality
• Quality proven: RTCA DO 254 compliant on all hardware, not just where required
• Ultra-reliable: we routinely exceed electrical design specifications set by industry leaders (temperature, vibration, EMI, etc)


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