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Thermistor fire and overheat detectors

Invented here, continuously improved

Meggitt has a rich history in cutting-edge thermistor technology. These rugged fit-and-forget components are now used on a very wide variety of aircraft, giving us an extraordinary level of experience.

Our lightweight thermistors continually monitor temperature to guard against fire and overheat danger. When fed into an Integrated Vehicle Management (IVHM) system, the data gathered can increase fuel savings and lower maintenance costs.

We continually refine the design of components and the controller and work with manufacturers from the earliest stages to optimize installation design, reducing the potential for application-specific faults to a minimum.

• Reliable in the extreme: experience gained from installation on multiple platforms in the last 50 years has created a robust and virtually fault-free system
• Operating costs reduced: lightweight system can continuously monitor engines, increasing fuel savings and lowering maintenance costs
• Installation faults reduced to a minimum: close customer cooperation from the start minimizes faults on specific applications

How it works
As the ambient temperature in a given zone increases, the cable resistance decreases. When it drops to a pre-determined value, the control unit activates a cockpit alarm within five seconds of a fire condition.

Engineering excellence
• Double jacket of Inconel and stainless steel increases flexibility and fatigue reliability
• Any configuration can be installed down to a half-inch (13mm) bend radius
• Withstands repeated flame exposure and mechanical stress
• Single or dual loop installations up to 25 feet long: even cables with different alarm characteristics can be joined to form a loop circuit with a single control unit
• Extensively damage-tested


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