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+ fire/overheat detection

+ smoke detection

+ system controllers

+ bleed air leak detection

+ actuators

+ thermistors

+ fire suppression systems

+ restraints

Aircraft (commercial and miliary)

Meggitt is the world leader in providing fire protection and safety systems for commercial and military aircraft. Meggitt has faithfully provided its products onboard 85 percent of all civilian aircraft and over 50 percent of all military aircraft. These systems must work in the aircraft's harshest and most extreme environments to prevent any possibility of loss of life. We want to ensure the planes are as safe as possible so your loved ones come home after every flight.

Meggitt provides top-of-the-line aircraft engine fire and cargo smoke detection systems. Our fire/overheat detectors are virtually maintenance free, have logged over 600 million flight hours on commercial jet transports, and have never missed a true fire warning. Proven performance is a key characteristic of our pneumatic detector. While reliability is designed into our critical fire and smoke detection hardware, quality is built in and continually verified through rigorous inspection and test. All detectors are closely inspected during production and 100 percent tested before they are certified for delivery.

Meggitt photoelectric smoke detectors provide dependable early detection of airborne smoke particles. The units offer an extreme degree of immunity to dust, insects, moisture, and other environmental effects common to aircraft cargo compartments. Our smoke detectors feature through-the-lens testing and require no scheduled maintenance.


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