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Hydrogen and oxygen monitoring systems for the nuclear power industry

Meggitt Control Systems is a world class supplier of analytical instrumentation for the Nuclear Power Industry. Our analytical products have been successfully configured to monitor a number of critical parameters within both BWR and PWR plants including:

  • Post-accident hydrogen and oxygen containment atmosphere monitoring systems
  • Oxygen analyzers for monitoring BWR containment inerting
  • Off gas and waste gas hydrogen and oxygen analyzers
  • Hydrogen analyzer area monitors
  • Dissolved hydrogen and dissolved oxygen analyzers

Electrochemical and solid state sensing technologies are combined with PLC based signal conditioning to provide a low maintenance automated approach to hydrogen and oxygen analysis. This combination of sensing and conditioning technologies is ideally suited for sample extraction systems. The sample loop arrangement is simple and consistent with our philosophy of providing low maintenance solutions.

Note that our post-accident CAMS may be supplied as either an in-containment or ex-containment system that is fully qualified, or as a system compliant with the recently amended rule for combustible gas control in containment.

Meggitt Control Systems monitoring systems provide distinct advantages relative to traditional measurement technologies. Salient features are:

  • No reagent or nitrogen zero gas flows are required
  • The analyzer operates independent of sample flow rate, no flow controls are required
  • The analyzer operates at process pressure, no pressure control or regulation is required
  • The analyzer will operate at process temperature, adding heat only as needed to avoid condensation and maintain sample integrity
  • Analyzer calibration is accomplished while under full sample flow conditions, eliminating disruption of sample line equilibrium allowing immediate return to sample analysis following the calibration
  • Analyzer calibration consists of a low span/high span calibration application that is automatic and requires less than 30 minutes for the complete cycle
  • No custom circuitry -- all conditioning modules are standard designs distributed worldwide

You can find more in-depth information on Meggitt Control Systems hydrogen and oxygen analyzer products at www.H2O2Analyzer.com.


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