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Meggitt Safety Systems' facility has received Production, PMA, and Repair Station approval from the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), EASA Repair Station approval, and is ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified. Meggitt's industrial products, when applicable, are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and/or Factory Mutual approved. Meggitt’s fire/overheat detectors, when applicable, are TSOc11d and/or TSOc11e qualified.

Upon receipt of a written request, FAA 8130-3 Airworthiness Tags if available will be provided at time of shipment. Please include the Airworthiness Tag requirements on each purchase order or send a separate letter requesting 8130-3 tags whenever applicable. Note: FAA requirements prohibit the issuance of tags without units being available for inspection by the Meggitt-designated FAA representative inspector.

Response Times (During normal business hours)

    Communication via Response Time
    Telephone 4 hours
    Fax 24 hours
    Letter 10 Working Days
    Email/Online Order 24 hours

Shipment Priorities
In accordance with the World Airline Supplier's Guide, Meggitt has established the following shipment priorities:

    Priority Situation Shipment Time
    1 AOG Aircraft on Ground 4 hours
    2 Critical Imminent AOG Work Stoppage 24 hours
    3 Expedite Less than normal lead-time 7 Working Days
    4 Routine Shelf stock items 15 Working Days

AOG Contact Information

  • Telephone: (805) 584-4100 (follow voice prompt after hours)
  • MSSI A380 AOG

  • A380 Asia Market Singapore Telephone: +65 8188 5096
  • A380 European Market United Kingdom Telephone: +44(0)7970 432273
  • A380 Americas Market Simi Valley CA USA Telephone: (805) 584-4100
  • AOG orders are for aircraft that are grounded because of an unscheduled maintenance action where a part is not readily available.

    Information Needed
    We cannot process your AOG request without the following information at the time of order placement:
    Company Name
    Buyer Name and email address
    Phone and FAX numbers
    Billing and Shipping addresses
    Aircraft Tail Number (Required for AOG orders)
    Part Number
    PO Number (PO to be emailed to AOG operator)
    Preferred Carrier (Please be aware that a special courier service will be required for orders shipping after 5pm pacific time weekdays and weekends)

    *** Please note: For those customers whose accounts require payment in advance/credit card or those that do not currently have an account with Meggitt Safety Systems can only place AOG orders during normal business hours.


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