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The future cable for information and power transmission is here

Meggitt cables are on almost every extreme environment platform -- from aircrafts, to ships, to radars, to power plants and spacecraft.

When it's imperative that signal transmissions remain uninterrupted in order to:

  • stop a nuclear melt down
  • send a signal to an oil rig or power station during a fire
  • ensure critical communication transmissions get back to earth from deep space probes

...you need Meggitt Cables. When failure is not an option, Meggitt is your only choice.

Designed and qualified for mission critical applications, our high performance cabling systems can operate in temperatures spanning -271C to over 1300C; provide vibration resistance of 45g on earth and 110g in space; weigh up to 85 percent less than normal cables; provide 100-500 pounds tensile strength (depending upon diameter), and have a life span of about 40 years.

Our fireproof cable can provide continuous power and control signals throughout the most severe conditions. Like our fire barrier seals and fire detectors, our cables provide critical safety margins for complex systems such as nuclear power plants and aircraft engine nacelles where reliability and survivability cannot be compromised.

Meggitt cables are manufactured using a unique process to ensure reliable performance. We offer a variety of configurations including:

  • Coaxial (0.047-0.532 diameter)
  • Triaxial, Twinax and twisted pair
  • Thermocouple
  • Multi-conductor (2-22 conductors)
  • Flame and fire resistant
  • Multi-pin connectors
  • Hermetic connectors
  • Hermetic coaxial connectors


  • Lighter than organic cable
  • Able to withstand extreme environments
  • Smallest bend radius of any RF cable
  • High power capability (up to 1 KW CW at 10GHz)
  • High performance and reliability

PDF versions of SiO2 cable brochures:

You can find more in-depth information on Meggitt Control Systems cable products at www.stablecable.com


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