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Meggitt Control Systems
1785 Voyager Avenue
Simi Valley
CA 93063-3349

Phone: +1 805 584 4100
Fax: +1 805 578 3400

Key Meggitt Control Systems departments and contacts

    Contracts MSSI-Contracts@meggitt.com
    Marketing MSSI-Marketing@meggitt.com
    Support MSSI-Support@meggitt.com
    Analyzer Support MSSI-AnalyzerSupport@meggitt.com
    Cable Support MSSI-Support@meggitt.com
    Customer Service MSSI-Support@meggitt.com

    Sales/Marketing: Includes aircraft/industrial sales and marketing, contracts, product support and customer service.

    Engineering: Includes joint aircraft/industrial electrical and mechanical design, drafting, computer-aided design, document controls, and engineering labs, as well as R&D.

    Materials Management: Includes planning, purchasing, stores, shipping and receiving.

    General Administration: Includes company president, human resources, accounting, information technologies and training.

    Maintenance: Includes storage of supplies and equipment for janitorial, building and grounds maintenance purposes.

    Quality Assurance: Includes quality engineering and receiving inspection.

    Pneumatic Detector Manufacture: Includes mechanical assembly operations, hydrogen brazing to produce hermetic assemblies, mass-spec leak detection, TIG welding, oxyacetylene torch brazing, chemical hydriding, flame performance testing, and computer-controlled environmental testing from -65F to 900F.

    Electronic Manufacture: Includes mechanical assembly operations, wave soldering, freon and aqueous cleaning, computer-controlled environmental testing, smoke chamber testing, optical detector calibration, and automated functional testing.

    Machine Shop: Primarily prototype development and tailored fabrication of processing equipment. Includes an assortment of equipment to accommodate most fabrication requirements.

Aviation Park West
Bournemouth International Airport
BH23 6EW

Board of directors
Sir Colin Terry (Chairman*)
Terry Twigger (Chief Executive)
Stephen Young (Group Finance Director)
Philip Green (Corporate Affairs Director)
Sir Alan Cox*
David Robins*
Peter Hill*

    * Non executive


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