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About Meggitt Control Systems

Meggitt Control Systems group designs and manufactures fire and smoke detection systems, ducting and polymer seals for engine and airframe applications and mineral insulated (silicon dioxide) cables for aircraft wiring systems. Heat exchangers include printed circuit models (unique heat transfer equipment for the hydrocarbon processing industries). The group also provides repair and overhaul services for its products and has a strong Ďaftermarketí organization. In 2002, the group acquired a high integrity radio frequency cable line from Kaman Aerospace Corporation.

We have been producing aircraft fire detection and industrial fire/gas protection systems for over thirty-five years with a proven track record for developing innovative fire protection solutions for airframe manufacturers, engine/APU system suppliers, and airline end users. Our extensive research, development, and production capabilities have always been fully directed towards a single goal – the support of a growing line of pneumatic fire/overheat detectors, state-of-the-art optical flame detectors, cargo smoke detectors, linear fire/explosion suppressors, and multifunction system controllers.

Meggitt Control Systems is housed in a 125,000 square-foot facility located approximately thirty-five miles north of Los Angeles in Simi Valley, California. Our Simi Valley-based employees are augmented by a London Sales Office and a worldwide representative network dedicated to providing prompt Customer and Product Support.


  • 1947 Founded as a private engineering firm.
  • 1966 Became a quoted public company.
  • 1984 Management buy-in to build a geographically diverse, international engineering company serving speciality sectors in aerospace, controls, electronics and energy.
  • 1995 Group reorganized to focus on core business of aerospace, defense systems and electronics.
  • 1998 Group acquired Vibro-Meter, significantly increasing its core capability in engine condition monitoring and diagnostics.
  • 1999 Group acquired California-based Whittaker Corporation. Increased Meggitt presence in aftermarket business (repair and overhaul of aircraft components), significantly increasing the volume of business with major aircraft original equipment manufacturers and their customers.
  • Since 1999 Series of acquisitions and disposals to enhance core businesses and improve the operations mix between the UK and US and civil and military, and original equipment and aftermarket, applications.

In over 35 years of service to the aviation industry, Safety Systems has manufactured over 720,000 pneumatic fire detectors for use on commercial, military, and general aviation aircraft and helicopters. Applications include Boeing 707, 727, 737 (including next-generation 737X), 747-400, 757, and 767; McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and MD-11; Airbus A300, A310, A319, A320, A321, A330, and A340; Embraer 110/120/145; U.S. Air Force F-4, F-111, F-15E, and C-141; US Navy F/A-18 C/D and E/F; BAe 146, Beechcraft Starship, and Cessna Citation III and X; Augusta A 109 and A129, DeHavilland DASH 8-100/200/300, Gulfstream V, and the Apache AH64.

Meggitt's pneumatic system has been selected to replace electronic fire detection systems on many types of aircraft. Our detectors installed on commercial jet aircraft have accumulated over 740 million flight hours. When military and general aviation aircraft are included, total flight time exceeds one billion hours. In these flight hours, Meggitt's detectors have never missed a true fire warning and have maintained an exceptional history of reliable, false-alarm-free operation.


Global presence.

The Meggitt group designs and manufactures precision-engineered components and systems for aerospace and defense. In addition to aerospace applications, the groupís specialist sensors capability is deployed in the medical, mainstream industrial, test engineering and transportation markets. The group employs more than 5,000 people across 30 operating companies within the market segments of aerospace, defense systems and electronics.

Global precision.


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