About us


+ IR flame detection

+ photoelectric smoke detection

+ ionization smoke detection

+ heat detection

+ engine fire and overheat detection

+ high temperature cables

Naval applications

Meggitt Control Systems is the leading provider of shipboard fire detectors to the US Navy. Our products include:

  • infrared flame detectors
  • optical smoke detectors
  • ionization smoke detectors
  • heat detectors
  • control panels
  • engine fire/overheat detectors
  • high temp cables for extreme environment applications

All our products are designed to be rugged and reliable to survive the harsh shipboard environments. Our detection sensors are on Navy ships, sea-based platforms, military ground vehicles, extreme environment industrial sites and aircraft.

Meggitt has logged more than 700 million unit-hours of service - proving our products highly reliable with no required scheduled maintenance. The low life cycle cost and high reliability (no false alarms) of our hardware distinguishes us from the competition.


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